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Top 10 freshman tips

Top 10 Freshman tips

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1. Reset counter

“At school no one understood me”, “I was given bad mathematics”, “I was afraid of public speaking” — forget about it. All the school complexes should remain in the past as the fallen baby teeth. If you will not part with them at the time, neither able to bite nor chew that offers adult life.

Do not attempt to sew your own baby shadow, this did not happen even Peter pan. Parents, nostalgically Recalling her school time, does not dream to turn into a 30-year-old. They just want to live an interesting, eventful life, but without the unnecessary worries and ills. Give children the opportunity to do: they stop being a student and join in their new cases.

Student tickets freshmen / Photo: MSLA / Oleg Anakin

2. Find out what you can offer the University

Every year in the height of summer I come up with dozens of anxious mothers and fathers, from behind which peep out the freshmen, in the throes of exam and admission. Parents ask a lot of technical issues: “if we were on a budget, you can already go on vacation?”, “And if you study for a fee, you less likely to fly?”, “How’s your diet?”, “And when you give the Dorm?”, “And from the subway in the winter is hard the first couple to be on time?”. Future freshmen look around confused.

Few people are interested in what is really important for the new students. Find out immediately:

— what additional educational programs the University implements. Electives, courses, exchange programs with foreign universities.

— what student organizations exist in the Department. In Russia there is no culture of “fraternity”, but there are great alternatives: case clubs, business clubs, debate clubs, science societies, clubs, incubators, sporting and creative team. All this makes it easier to learn, more to chat, meet, find friends, work and even love (lucky enough).

— as the University is the situation with foreign languages, how many of them are studied in the framework of the compulsory programme and which additionally. Is it possible with the help of the University preparation for TOEFL and IELTS.

— what opportunities are provided to students to undergo practice and training. If the University permanent partners. What is the probability of employment on the results of the internship, and what role is played by the center of employment of students (at the same time specify, if it exists).

3. Communicate

Socialization and networking are your main companions for the next four to six years. School of the company’s country — they are beautiful, but often combined territorial and shared memories. As soon as the children’s adventures come to an end, these relationships are weakened — people find new interests and begin to develop at different speeds.

Those with whom you are at nearby desks at the University, a priori, they play with you in one team

If you are lucky enough not to be mistaken with the choice of profession, it is the classmates generates the social circle in which you all the active years of his life will go hand in hand together to grow and change the world.

Go to open lectures, workshops, master classes, seminars, dialogues and any intellectual events. Don’t be afraid to go it alone, you will find like-minded people.

Freshman MSLA, 2015 / Photo: MSLA / Elena Nikiforova

4. Set goals and move in their direction

La Monte young, composer-minimalist and the party-maximalist, once said that the motto “draw a straight line and follow it” determined not only his musical style, but the rest of his life.

With the first course set big goals, do not niggle. To hand over session without tails or just normal study is not the goal and background for those who have real dreams.

Do not expect parents of promotional gifts for school, it’s decadence. Scale with every achievement

Googling all the lists of places where employs the best professionals in your area, make a personal short-list of companies, businesses and employment — and then start your crusade.

Feel free to study well and don’t think it will hurt you a great time outside the classroom. You still have time, just don’t save power: four years of University — the shortest and the fastest runway in life.

5. Don’t listen to horror stories about the teacher and tips on how to learn

“Oh, she did not pass, it is just a gesture”.

“Oh, do him all semester not to go, and then “automatic” to”.

“Oh, this special course is not selected, it is always boring, but this choose, rather than write off”.

“Oh, before this need to curry favor, buy her books and can quote by heart, she puts only Pets”.

Never believe in these stories and especially not use them.

Here takethematic student public and closed (a conditional “net” and “professorrating”).

All this fuss and ant run — only for those who have something to fear because of absenteeism and poor training. Besides, always and in all situations there are exceptions to the rule — be a pleasant exception, stay away from other people’s mistakes and not learn from bad experience.

Half of the student horror compose those who were just unlucky with the ticket, the second half — those who really do not know, but just love to throw in my two cents.

First-year students MSLA, 2015 / Photo: MSLA / Oleg Anakin

6. Make your professional portfolio from the first year

Looking for a job on a specialty: not part time consultant at Uniqlo, not the hack as a waiter in Starbucks, not the distribution of Amway among the neighbors on the porch, and a real job. Let free, for a quarter rate, with a flexible schedule and part-time working. Make yourself business cards.

In that first year, make and every six months update your resume. If the year in CV, nothing has changed, you are doing something wrong

Set up a normal email — not “[email protected]” no “[email protected]” but “[email protected]”.

Arranged for any relevant practice and internships, bother with these requests to the lecturers, professors, deans and alumni. Don’t be afraid to take what you do not know what is not yet understood, do not hesitate to be obsessive in your job search. Keep all the certificates and include them in the portfolio. This is the best investment you can make in yourself and your future is already in his student years.

7. Learn how to use the Internet

A critical attitude toward any information. Get familiar with what to drive in the search line. Don’t be a grandma, which refers to the Yandex “on You” and the participial rpm asks to buy the cat food.

The most important thing you have to learn in University is to find what you need

Analyze big data, all doubt, double check sources and get to the primary sources. Remember: once something has been posted to the Internet stays there forever. If you have big plans for the future, do not post in social networks the photos after five to ten years will look bad in Forbes magazine. Respect other people’s privacy and take care of your.

Freshmen MSLA, 2015 / Photo: MSLA / Elena Nikiforova

8. Make friends with the parents and their friends

Real matura — the ease of communication with people of any age. After school world no longer divided into peers and adults. On the first job you will realize that ability and achievement are not directly dependent on age. This means that for the next ten years you parents are in the same active phase of life, which was childhood, and after which come old age.

Go to the cinema together, make mutual friends, hang out in the same company, make up the total businesses and projects. You will never regret and will always be proud of, believe me.

9. Travel. As often as possible. Always

Any territorial boundaries delineate the limits of your possibilities. Do not become their hostage. Every year I gather in your office the students who came from other cities and talk on the principle of “where was born there and handy”. Most of the guys come to study in another city, secretly hoping to return home in my new role. I tell them about what awaits them in Moscow, especially if they make the effort. The faces of the runs of mistrust, doubt and even fear.

A few years later to me for reference letters come graduates who go on to other cities and countries. We are not forgiven for a long time, because people will return to where they were good. But the journey can be very enjoyable.

10. Trust yourself

If you do not like and do not want to learn, take your documents and go. But just before that try to figure out what you really want to do. Go and do, you will be happy.