The Genius of Dalì


From 22 September 2017 to 31 August 2018

Historian Gallery presents the “The Genius of Dalì” exhibition,  a unique and exciting journey to the rediscovery of the Holy Bible and Divine Comedy; a dreamlike and evocative labyrinth among the pillars of our culture, revisited by the imagination and immense creativity of Master Salvador Dali.

The route is developed through 205 original lithographs and xylographies of Salvador Dalì, where the Sacred Bible and the Dante’s masterpiece are exhibited for the first time in combination.

The sophisticated techniques of serilitography of the 1960s, enriched by the innovative application of metallic inks and paints, combined http://www.nancychristie.com/dre/
with the bright colors, the artist’s grace and his vision of spirituality, guarantee a blend of Sacred and Profane with a strong emotional impact.



(From the website http://www.historiangallery.com/)