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How to pass the session

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Everyone has long known that the majority of students are preparing to pass session last night, this process is popularly called – “while roasted cock does not bite”. Each student prepares his own way: someone writes crib, someone studying, someone on the night puts the textbook under the pillow, etc. This article will tell you how to pass the session, even if you didn’t study at all. But remember, it’s not a panacea.

How to pass the session successfully?

So, a few rules for those who at least attended lectures.

Do not postpone it in a box

To pass the session need to prepare in advance. At least be prepared for each lecture. Knowledge every day will accumulate, even a little, but something remains in your head, even if you are not particularly trying to remember. Record all the lectures, this will come in handy. In addition, listen carefully to the teacher, not sleeping in lectures, the more you understand and remember.

Relationships with teachers

  • do not be rude;
  • always greet;
  • do not be late;

In one word, describe yourself for teachers on the positive side

To grasp the immensity

If the material is poorly absorbed, it is possible to choose from the only thing. Learn the definitions, formulas. And then you can use logic. There is also the best option to teach complex issues, and easy to read carefully.

Spurs has not been canceled

Don’t give up on spurs, write them. Writing cheat sheets helps you learn the material, because when you write, mentally you read and remember. Many teachers suggest before exams to write spurs. Decide to use spurs, be careful, don’t hurt yourself.

Free yourself from excess

Before the session often walk in the fresh air. Don’t load yourself with unnecessary information, such as social networks.

Miracles happen

You can also use signs. For example, someone has a lucky pen that you can use on exams, someone believes that if you go into the classroom with his left foot, it will pass. If you are a believer, then before the exam you can go to Church, pray and light a candle of Saint Nicholas is the assistant to all students and pupils.

Before the exam a good sleep and come at it with “fresh head”

Rapid provisioning

Now consider how to pass the session to those who didn’t learned.

So, one week before the session, and you know nothing about? Don’t panic, this will not help. Gather all the forces into a fist and act.

Find out the exact schedule of exams and tests. So you will know which subject to prepare first;

If you do not put tests, check (please write your abstracts to report on the topics of the lecture, rewrite the lecture). Do your best;

Call on the help of friends or classmates. If there are no lectures, they can share with you. If you really do not understand the subject, ask friends to help you out. So you will be able at least to learn something and not to drown in the exams. Also friends can give you to deduct that, too, can help greatly;

Advice to those who do not teach during the semester – teaching nights. In the afternoon take the tails, and at night teach!;

As mentioned above, write spurs. Or record responses on audio and during the exam quietly and listen through headphones. But be careful;

If you’re not ready to session, but you have achievements in sport, you participate actively in public life of University, then you can ask another teacher to ask for you;

You can go the tricky way. Taking the ticket, you understand that do not understand. When it is your turn to respond, sit quietly and say, “Ivan, to me that’s clear, and I’ve studied a lot of literature, but, alas, I do not understand. And as luck would have caught this issue. Please, let’s face it, you really really want to understand.” And then the teacher and together you will pass the subject.

Follow these tips and pass the session without problems. Good Luck To You!