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The Cloister of Voltorre

The charming Cloister of Voltorre is in Gavirate, and it dates back to the Middle Ages. When it was built, it was part of the then thriving Benedictine Monastery of Voltorre, which, starting in the 12th century, was under the powerful Abbey of Fruttuaria. The first mention of a church... Continue reading
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Pallavicino Park

The park covers an area of about 18 hectares (approx. 44 acres), with alternating flowering avenues, meadows, large old trees and a charming summer garden. Villa Pallavicino was a private residence in 1855, when it was purchased by Ruggero Bonghi, statesman and writer. In 1862 the ownership was transferred to... Continue reading
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Botanical Gardens – Villa Taranto

“A beautiful garden does not need to be big, but it should be the realization of one’s dream, even though it is only a couple of square metres large and it is situated on a balcony”. So explained Captain Neil Mc Eacharn, the man who created these marvellous gardens. Many... Continue reading
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Campo dei Fiori Regional Park

The Campo dei Fiori and Monte Martica ridges form a range lying between the Valcuvia and Valganna valleys and the city of Varese, along with the like-named lake. Together they form the Campo dei Fiori Nature Park. The highest point of the ridge is Punta Paradiso (1,226 m). The Park... Continue reading
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The Froda waterfall

The path leading to the Froda waterfalls starts from Nasca and moves towards San Antonio, running through beautiful woodland with a wide variety of plants and flowers. An unusual feature consists of the old nature reserve buildings once used for trout farming. The remains of the tanks can still be... Continue reading
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Sacro Monte – Varese

In 1604 the “Holy Path of the Rosary Chapels” was started. The enterprise went on for the whole of the 17th century with the help of the people who sacrified time and money to the construction of the road and the chapels. Sacro Monte of Varese, with its 14 chapels... Continue reading
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Arcumeggia “outdoor gallery of ‘affresco'”

The charming rural village of Arcumeggia (from Roman Arx Media, Rocca in the middle, sort between two valleys, the Valcuvia and Valtravaglia) is the best known country entirely painted in the province of Varese and the first experience of "outdoor gallery of 'fresco "in Italy, since 1956. Emptied by emigration,... Continue reading
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Borromean Islands

The archipelago of the Borromean Islands, located just opposite Stresa, is made up of three islands, as well as an isoline and a rock. The Beautiful Island is to be considered a natural jewel that the hand of man has made even more precious. In 1632 Count Vitaliano Borromeo began... Continue reading