Campo dei Fiori Regional Park

The Campo dei Fiori and Monte Martica ridges form a range lying between the Valcuvia and Valganna valleys and the city of Varese, along with the like-named lake. Together they form the Campo dei Fiori Nature Park. The highest point of the ridge is Punta Paradiso (1,226 m).

The Park is managed by a Consortium comprising the Province of Varese, the three respective Mountain Communities, Valceresio, Valcuvia and Valganna-Valmarchirolo, and fourteen municipalities. The Volunteer Ecological Wardens (G.E.V.) have been actively involved in protecting the park’s natural heritage since 1988, and they also run other activities, such as the organization of guided tours on foot and on mountain bike, and environmental education courses for school parties and other groups.



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