Ferrera waterfall

The Ferrera waterfall is known to the inhabitants of the village as Fermona inflatable travel neck collar waterfall. It is a jump of 30 meters just below the village and represents the “dive” that the Margorabbia torrent does when it comes out of the caves of Cunardo to reach Valtravaglia. At the base viagra
of the waterfall there is a small lake with clear water; The surrounding environment invites the calm and the serenity of untouched environments, although it is only minutes away from the main communication routes.

Once you reach the village of Ferrera di Varese (VA), the Fermona waterfall is just below the historic center of the town and can be reached by a path that, leaving the municipal road near the church, descends for a few decades meters.

(From the website of the Tourism Agency of the province how much is a 1000 word essay of Varese)