Borromean Rocca of Angera

La Rocca rises in the town of Angera on a rocky spur in view of Arona, Lake Maggiore and the Varese region.

Built by the Archbishops of Milan in the 16th century. XII on structures dating to two centuries before, the castle was contested between the families of the Torrians and the Visconti.

Ottone Visconti restructured and expanded the Rock; Famous is the “Sala di Giustizia”, frescoed with the work of Ottone. The fortress then passed to the Ambrosian Republic and then to Vitaliano Borromeo in 1449, whose family still owns it.

It is accessed inside the castle for a door overlaid by the Borromeo coat of arms, which introduces the “noble courtyard”. On the right is the “tinaia”, a big grape press of 1745.

Of great value in the halls of the palace, the Doll Museum that collects dolls, wooden and tin toys, books and newspapers for children, iconographic material from the 16th century. XVIII to our day.

(From the website of the Tourism Agency of the province of Varese)