Villas and Gardens

When visiting the Province of Varese, people often comment how beautifully green it is. This is because of the province’s wealth of woodland, parks and gardens.
Known as the Garden City, Varese has an extensive choice of public and privately-owned Italian gardens and parks that date back to a time when Northern Italy’s aristocratic families flocked to the lakes for their holidays.
Weekends in Varese can be spent surrounded by the beautiful countryside and gardens or admiring the stunning Art Nouveau décor and original features and furnishings that make these homes and villas so unique.
When visiting the villas and gardens in Varese and the surrounding area make sure you make time for Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza and the Panza art collection, Villa della Porta Bozzolo, Villa Cicogna Mozzoni, Palazzo Estense and Gardens, the Villa Mirabello Civic Archaeological Museum, the park at Villa Toeplitz, and the Ticino Park.

(from the website of Varese Turismo)